The Safe, Removable and High Quality Eyebrows
The Safe, Removable and High Quality Eyebrows
The brow is the facial feature that makes the most significant difference in the way we look. Eyebrows create a frame for our face. Properly shaped eyebrows can make our eyes look larger while improperly shaped eyebrows can make our eyes look small or narrow.

Our brows frame the windows of our souls. In addition to enhancing outward beauty, they reflect inward signs of our emotions and play a key role in creating our facial expression.

They are an important part of our attractiveness and play a vital role in our nonverbal communication. Research suggests that eyebrows play a vital role in the expression of emotions... they can be used to convey surprise, fear, disgust, anger, sadness, and happiness.

Safe and easy to use

Our removable temporary tattoos are called iBrowsers. They are made with safe US FDA approved non-toxic vegetable dyes that will not damage new eyebrow hair growth.  So if you have bald, thin, or fine eyebrow hair and... are waiting for them to grow back, our beautiful brows are perfect for you!

Many eyebrow styles

There are a wide a variety of beautiful iBrowsers styles (shapes and colors) to chose from. These temporary, removable tattoo eyebrows will match all hair colors and complexions whether or not you have any brows or they are very thin! If you are not sure what style to order, we recommend ordering the sample packs.

The better alternative to stencils and pencils

Many of our clients have tried stencils and eyebrow pencils to create brows. Drawing eyebrows is an art; many women know first hand how difficult it is to master this art!

Simply put, it's not easy to draw eyebrows on evenly…as well they tend to look fake or artificial. Eyebrows created by hand are time consuming and must be retouched throughout the day. iBrowsers are your better alternative.

Aging - over 50?

Sooner or later people over 50 find that eyebrow loss is inevitable due to the aging process. While we try to stop the clock -- or at least slow it down -- our bodies will, at some point, slow their production of hair.
We can color our hair and lift our faces, and with iBrowsers now we can replace our eyebrows with a natural-looking and affordable solution.

Our beautiful iBrowsers are easy to apply and they are easy to love. They are not expensive, dangerous, or permanent. iBrowsers are the false and temporary eyebrows have helped thousands of people regain their elegance, facial stature and self-image. Let them help you, too.

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