Eyebrow Hair Loss - Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatment
Eyebrow Hair Loss - Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatment
Unfortunately in life, we often don't truly understand the value of something until we have until lost it.

Losing one's eyebrows is one of the most distressing side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The powerful medication used in chemotherapy to attack cancer cells also attack other rapidly growing cells in your body… including the hair roots in your scalp, face, and other areas.

Eyebrow hair loss does not occur with all chemotherapy and oncology treatments. Whether or not your eyebrow hairs remain as they are, become thin, or fall out depends on the drugs and dosage. Your medical professional can guide you.

Research shows that no treatment exists that can guarantee your eyebrows won't fall out during or after chemotherapy.

Aside from the other debilitating effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, hair loss often accompanies treatment within a two-to-three week period. And while there is no physical disability associated with the loss of eyebrow hair, it can be emotionally distressing.

Plan Ahead

If you are facing chemotherapy or radiation treatments, and you already know that you may lose your hair, you've probably been thinking about wigs and other cover-ups. The best way for you to deal with impending eyebrow hair loss is to plan ahead and focus on making yourself comfortable with your appearance before, during, and after your cancer treatment.

iBrowsers offer a natural-looking solution to replace eyebrow hair loss due to chemotherapy and radiation treatments. They are an ideal alternative to pencils, stencils, and permanent tattoos.

iBrowsers were designed to be placed over the natural brow line without using a special adhesive, glue or headband... to apply just use water. These flexible, natural-looking brows will stay on but can be removed easily.

You can also cut, shape and position iBrowsers to enhance or extend your natural eyebrows


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